Tuesday, September 2, 2008

All Good Things Must Come To An End

Well they do and so much faster than bad things. In physics we learn that for each force there is an equal and opposite force (so that should apply to good and bad things as well). It must be that bad things exert less force over time than good things so they have to last longer. Our "long" weekend was much too short and Sherrie's eye problem has carried on much too long. She continues to be on the mend, albiet, slowly. She made it to school today (which I wasn't sure would happen given how terrible she felt much of the weekend). Our big weekend event was our very quick trip to Cedar City on Saturday. It was good to see Jordan and go out to dinner with him, but it was so tiring to drive so much, especially with Sherrie not feeling well. We spend all day Sunday in the house. We ventured out a couple of times on Monday to run some errands. Our big Labor Day treat was to have been Nigh Time Donuts - but, alas, they were closed for the holiday (I guess they figure people don't eat donuts on holidays). We had to settle for Albertson's donuts (which must be the worst in town). I went to Home Depot to get trim for the bedroom window. They had contractor bundles with about 3 times as much trim as I needed, for the same price as buying it piecemeal, so in keeping with my character I bought the larger quantity for the same price (I figure there is always something I can use trim for). Lafter that afternoon we went to Walmart to get some groceries. After about 10 minutes in Walmart Sherrie was too tired to walk around any more (and too proud to drive one of the electric carts) so she returned to the car and left me to do the grocery shopping (more juice, less chips - I really wanted to get the Oreo Double Stuffs). When we returned from Walmart it was time for dinner and nobody felt like cooking so we went to Bajio. Well, Sherrie, Jonathan and I went to Bajio. Sarah was at her friends and would rather stay there than accompany us to dinner (I still haven't figured out what is so terrible about spending time with us - actually she had already eaten at her friends). After dinner, I went home and worked on getting our bedroom windows trimmed. I have gotten faster over the many projects I've taken on, so I was done in about an hour. Now I just have to paint the trim and I will be ready to paint the walls (still have to pick out the paint color). I felt good about getting something done over the long weekend. I had originally thought that I would tile the laundry room floor, but that would have been far too much with Sherrie sick. So instead, I have the window trim done and the bedroom cleaned so I am ready to paint. We went to bed early last night, but I still woke up tired. Sherrie goes back to the doctor today, so I am hoping that he will adjust the medication so that we get more sleep. Jonathan keeps reminding us that it is his birthday this week. It always seems to creep up on us with the beginning of the school year. Not only to I have two children graduated from school, but I will now officially have four teenagers (yikes) - at least until December when Jared turns 20 (having a 20 year old is even more YIKES). I figured out that next year I will be the same age Grandma Gibby (great grandma depending on who is reading this) was when I was born. I will be the same age this year that Mom (or Grandma Gibby) was when Jared was born. I'm not sure of the significance of those discoveries, but I find them curious. Also, while doing name extraction today, I had the name of a women who was 110 years old at the time of the census. That means she was 16 years old at the time the Declaration of Independence was signed (WOW). Well, so much for my mindless ramblings of association. As I started, "All good things must come to end."

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