Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bible Man and a Gorilla

Jared is really good about sending an email each Wednesday (hasn't missed one yet). It is interesting to hear about his experiences. This week he and Elder Lee met "The Jesus Man". This man travels all over the world evangelizing. He wears no shoes and only his white robe. He carries a Bible with him. They ended up having almost a 2 hours conversation him. After that they met a couple of Catholic Nuns and had a conversation with them also (where are all the baptists). It sounds as if they have some more promising people in their teaching pool. They are hoping to have a baptism soon. I hope that are able to have a baptism before Elder Lee goes home (which must be in just a couple of weeks). Jared and Elder Lee did a special musical number in their Ward Sunday. Elder Lee played the violin and Jared the piano. Sherrie had sent Jared several duet books. I guess everybody in the Ward was impressed. They helped one of the families they are teaching put up their Halloween decorations and counted it as service hours (maybe I could get the Elders to come over and put up our Christmas lights). Well, enjoy the pictures - I do.

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Kimberly said...

I thought they were recreating the baptism of Jesus!