Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Corruption Begets Corruption

This political cartoon I ran into seemed to say it all. It is amazing during economic hard times, the financial institutions (who were so willing to make questionable loans) have been pretty hard on those that owe and yet want the federal government to essentially give them an enormous sum of money when they run out. It feels like economic blackmail. Either you give us back all the money we lost, or we are going to take this country into another great depression. What really amazes me is that the financial crisis essentially appeared like a bad zit before the prom (overnight). How do you get into a nearly trillion dollar mess and not acknowledge and take action much sooner. It's like not realizing you are tied to the railroad tracks until a train is about 100 ft from you.

When I was in Guatemala, I saw an old woman in jail for stealing a chicken while high ranking government officials who had committed far more grievous crimes were allowed to leave when the government was overthrown. This is the same thing. We have people serving time in jails for petty crimes and yet those who literally robbed billions of dollars will walk away scott free. It alarms me to see how Third World this country has become in the last decade.

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