Friday, August 14, 2009

Britney's Short Visit

From 2009-08-16 phone pics
We were able to visit with Britney for a few hours this past week. We took her to the airport to fly home to visit her family on Tuesday. I had been working in the Reactor Building (yes, I am officially a Reactor Rat now) and I was so worn out. I am twice as old, and twice as fat as the young guys working in the Reactor Building. I had to train as a operator in the event the union votes to strike. So, anyway, after my first full day in the Reactor(and breathing too much chlorine and hydrogen chloride) I was really feeling under the weather. I wasn't even sure I would be able to walk from the car into the airport. Well, I forced myself to, and I think that it helped clear my lungs (all that coughing too and from the terminal). Britney has been going to school year round. I admire her determination and work ethic. We were happy that she was able to go home and spend time with her family in Phoenix.

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