Friday, August 14, 2009

The Time Draws Near

From 2009-08-16 phone pics
We are getting closer every day to Jordan's departure date. A couple of weeks ago he made the trip to Mr. Mac's where his mother made sure that he was properly outfitted for two years in Brazil. She even bought him the nice, expensive tracting shoes (they are worth more than a couple of our cars). He's worn his suits and beautiful ties to church on the last two Sundays and he definitely looks like a well outfitted Elder. Today he received his travel package in the mail. He has his VISA and plane ticket so I guess that means that everything is now a go and he will be on a plane heading to South America in just a few days. WOW, this summer has certainly gone by fast. I am starting to feel emotional about having another child leave home where I will have limited contact for two years. I guess the first few months are the hardest until I adapt. I just don't feel old enough to have so many children leaving home. I am excited for him to start this chapter of his life, however.

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