Friday, August 14, 2009

Middle Canyon Hike

Last Sunday after church I was feeling a little cabin feverish. We decided to go for a walk up in the mountains. Jordan had recently hiked a trail up Middle Canyon which is only a few miles from our house. Jordan, Jonathan, Sherrie and I headed up to the top of Middle Canyon where we parked and found three trail heads (none of which were the trail Jordan had been telling us about). We chose the trail to the left which wound along the edge of Butterfield Canyon. It was a beautiful trail through pine forest with an abundance of wild flowers. We found a trail that headed up towards to the top of the peak. We climbed as far as two middle-aged parents can and let Jordan and Jonathan go further. They found the trail narrowed significantly and was embedded in stinging nettle. Jordan had experienced stinging nettle just a few days prior and didn't want to repeat the experience. We followed the main trail further along the side of the canyon until we were about half way tired out. It was a beautiful walk and a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon together as a family.

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