Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Elder Jordan Gibby Departs as Scheduled

Yesterday was a very emotional day. We saw Elder Jordan Gibby off at the airport. We arrived at about 9:00 am for his 12:00 noon flight. We got him checked in without too many hitches (and his bags were within the weight limits - yeah!!). There was one other Elder there to fly out with him. Elder Keller from Draper. They are going to the same mission, so we know who he will be flying home with at the end of his mission (although we will probably be going down to pick him up). After some pictures and goodbyes he went through security (which had short lines at that time in the morning) and we with Elder Keller up to the gate area. I am glad that he had another Elder with him to help him find his gates. Jordan hasn't ever been very good with direction and I just kept seeing him get lost trying to find the right gate. He had about a two hour wait until they would board his flight to Dallas. In Dallas they had a four hour layover before boarding the 10 hour flight to Sao Paulo. He should have arrived there at about 4:30 am (Utah time) or 7:30 am (Sao Paulo time). Since we didn't hear anything from the missionary department or the Sao Paulo MTC we are to assume that he arrived safe and sound. I am anxious to hear from him or somebody down there just to confirm it. I found some pictures on line of the MTC that I borrowed so anybody interested could see where he is.

Front of the MTC (or CMT as it is referred to)

CMT Courtyard

Article about the opening of the CMT

A view of Sao Paulo from the top of the CMT

The CMT cafeteria

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