Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Van Moves Again - It's a Miracle

After my disastrous attempt to fix the Villager van transmission, I can now say that it is again moving. Over a period of about a week I worked at replacing the solenoid control pack on my Mercury Villager transmission. Not being an adept car mechanic, I took things slowly and researched on the internet. I finally disassembled and re-assembled the parts of the transmission necessary to replace the solenoids. I was too proud of myself too early. I put new transmission fluid in and started the car up. The engine started right up and purred like an almost new car. However, the transmission would not engage. I could move through the gears, but nothing. It was as if it wasn't there. I stewed over this for a couple of days and tried some trouble shooting from the top side of the engine. But I knew deep inside that I was going to have to remove those same parts and once again bath in transmission fluid. This afternoon (after running my five miles - well, almost running and it was 4.75 miles) I dove back into the transmission. I removed the pan and in evaluating the solenoid pack I realized that I had failed to engage a control arm and piston when I had replaced the valve housing. So later this evening, after re-installing the valve housing with the control arm engaged. I again, put everything back together and poured the transmission fluid in. The car started right up and, yes, it moved. However, before I become to boastful of my mechanical prowess, I appeared to have put a stop one bolt too far to the right and now I don't have park. The gear furthest to the left is now reverse. I have to start the car in neutral. But, it did run and it did shift much smoother. I guess I will have to bath one last time in transmission fluid and remove the pan to adjust the block.

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