Friday, August 14, 2009

Heidi and Janelle Visit

From 2009-08-05 001
Sherrie's sister, Heidi, and her daughter, Janelle, visited us on their way to EFY in Rexburg. Sherrie and Sarah were able to spend a fun day shopping and visiting some of the Temple Square facilities with Heidi and Janelle. That evening they were able to all go swimming at the hotel pool. Sherrie and Sarah did run into a little difficulty in getting home. The hotel was on the west end of North Temple and is was the night they had the first out by the airport. Because the GPS kept trying to take them out North Temple to I-80 West, I had to get on the cell phone with them and talk them through an alternate route home. They did finally make it home. It was nice to have family visit and Sarah had a great time with her cousin.

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