Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Jared Wednesday Update - 08/12/09

I am sitting here realizing that tomorrow is Wednesday again and I haven't posted the update from Jared for last Wednesday. I am making great headway in receiving the bad dad of the year award.

Jared's header for his weekly email pretty much sums it all up, "Hot and Humid!" That is what I remember from both Tennessee and Oklahoma. In August (and part of July and September) is was just plain hot and humid. You never feel dry. I used to long for the "dry" heat of the west. Now I don't really the like the dry heat either. After surviving another summer in Utah I don't know how I ever tolerated the humid heat of the south. Well, enough about me.

Jared and his companion made a deal with a woman they met that if they attended her church she would attend theirs. Well, they kept their end of the deal and rode their bikes about 10 miles to find out that she had duped them and her church service was the next night. It's that good southern hospitality - they don't want to be rude so they just tell a small white lie to get rid of you. I guess he learned that lesson. He and his companion also met up with some interesting people. It is hard to go from an area where you have built up your teaching pool and are experiencing a lot of success to an area where you have to start all over again.

Jared has been out 468 days and is approximately 64.1% complete. Just a few more days and he will be at the 2/3 mark. He sent Jordan a very nice tie for his farewell (which Jordan wore). I will post another blog about Jordan's farewell as soon as I get the pictures off my camera.

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