Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Jared Wednesday Update - 08/05/09

Elder Deets and I picked up some sweet suits at the local thrift store. I got my three piecer for $10. Elder Deets' "pimp suit" was $8! We decided to try them on and see what they looked like. Pretty sweet hu? haha

Here it is Wednesday again already! Wow, this last week just flew past. I imagine at this point that Jared's mission feels like it is flying past. I remember being on that downhill slope before I knew it I was flying home. He has been out 455 days which equates to just over 63% complete. Just a few more weeks and it will be 1/3 left to go. Well, so much for my statistical evaluation of his mission completion.

This week Jared writes, "Well, this week has been very exciting. We have been working super hard nonstop. Sunday we were able to see some fruit come forth from our labors. We had a family come to church. We had seen them the day before, Saturday, on a team up, and they said that they would love to come to church. The only problem is they are a latino family. Carina is from Mexico and her husband is from Honduras. They have a 10 year old boy as well. She brought her sister too with her two children. It was great. Carina knows English pretty well. Her husband and sister don’t know very much. We are going to go over there this Thursday with Bro. Dewsnup, the Elder’s quorum president, so that he can translate for us. He served his mission in Argentina. They really enjoyed church and I think that the next time we each them we are going to try and commit them to Baptism. They are our most promising investigators so far. I’m really excited about it since I’ve only been here for not even two weeks."

He was able to listen to Elder Cornish, an Area Seventy, at a multi-zone conference. Summer is in full swing, "The work continues to press on. I’m lovin it. It’s really hot down here and the humidity is around 100%. It doesn’t seem as hot as last year though."

Jared continues to do a great job and maintain a superb attitude.

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