Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Elder Jared Gibby - Wednesday Update - 9/30/09

Jared had another exciting week in Alabama. He and his companion had two baptisms with another scheduled for this week. He wrote, "This week has really been amazing. Words truly can’t describe. Last Saturday, Karina and her son Luis, entered into the waters of baptism. It was a wonderful experience. Every time I’m able to be a part of sacred ordinances where covenants with the Lord are involved the spirit or truth always bears witness to me of the gospel and what they are doing. The Lord’s work is real and I’m thankful to be a part of it. I baptized Luis and Elder Watson baptized Karina. Sunday I confirmed Karina and Elder Watson confirmed Luis."

The baptism scheduled for this week is a young women who has friends who are members of the Church. She actually asked Jared when she could be baptized the first time he met her. "This Saturday we are having another baptism with Ashleigh. She is super excited. As we have been teaching her it is almost as if she knows everything already. She probably didn’t even need the lessons. So the Lord continues to bless us and bringing forth fruit from our labors."

I am definitely the proud father as I watch my children excel in the activities and service they pursue. We knew that Alabama would be a tougher mission, being located in the Bible Belt. But Jared has entered into each area with a positive attitude and willingness to put his all into it and has been blessed with baptisms and success each step of the way.

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