Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Jordan Tuesday Update - 09/01/09

Mr. Cheney's Cookies across the street from MTC where Jordan will get his care package. This store was opened by a couple of RM's who served in Brazil. You can check it out at

I guess I will post these backwards. That is just how my brain works at times. We received a very short email from Jordan on Tuesday. He said that he hadn't received his "" account yet, so I think he just wrote a very quick note on his yahoo account. He said that he made it to the MTC and that Brazil is awesome. We also received a letter from him that he wrote on the day he arrived at the MTC. There is an instruction sheet for sending letters and packages. They have the missionaries write a letter to their family on the back of this sheet. The letters are brought back to SLC and mailed to the family. It was nice to have a letter (and artwork) from Jordan. He and the rest of the Elders had a good time flying to Brazil. They were apparently delayed in Dallas so they all took turns on the demo massage chair at the Bath & Body Works Store (I'm sure the store loved that). They met up with additional missionaries in Dallas for the flight to Brazil. He is excited to be in Brazil and said this is the greatest thing he has ever done in his life. He commented that the food at the MTC was really good. It sounds as if he is adjusting to mission life well (at least through the first day). He didn't say anything about the care package in his email so I hope he picked it up. I guess if he didn't he will get it next week.

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