Thursday, September 17, 2009

Lean Mean Running Machine

Don't I wish! Actually, in spite of being tired this week from the rigorous weekend activities, Sherrie and I have been at the gym every night after work. Last night I even added an extra five minutes to my run. I didn't get to do my hour run on Saturday so I've been feeling a little guilty. It appears to be paying off. I am now down 19 pounds from August 25th when Jordan left for Brazil. I notice it most in my face. I would really rather lose the weight off my gut than my face, but I guess I will take it where I can get it. I haven't had to go down in clothing size yet (an indicator or how truly fat I had become). The upside is that my clothing fits better and I won't have to go procure an even larger size. I am slowly working my way up to the level I was before we left Eugene. Even right after moving to Utah I couldn't perform at the same level because of the altitude difference. I guess I have finally lived here long enough to adapt to the higher altitude. I do think that I have made enough progress to hike Deseret Peak now. I've planned to hike it all summer, but was really too fat and out of shape to make it to the top. Now I just have to convince somebody to come with me before the snow starts to fall (which shouldn't be too far off given the fall color I am seeing in the mountains).

Last Sunday I celebrated my 47th birthday (I guess everybody else celebrated and I participated). I haven't posted the pictures yet because I am still in denial that I am such an old man now (although my body and forgetful mind continue to serve as reminders). Hopefully tonight I will find my camera and get the pictures off of it. I was, however, successful in getting the ski off my snowmobile last night, so I may work on getting the new control arm on which won't leave me any spare time to post anything regarding my birthday (it may just have to wait a few more days). Sitting here thinking about tonight, I also have to get the lawns mowed. Between the fertilizer I applied a few weeks ago, the rain from the thunderstorms and the cooler weather, my grass is out of control. It almost needs to be mowed 3 times a week. I did cut back my watering so hopefully that will slow it down some and prepare it for fall. I am actually very ready for fall because I have reached the point this year where I no longer enjoy mowing my lawn and watering the flowers. The last of the fall flowers are starting to bloom now (mums and asters), along with my confused weeping cherry tree.

Well, I've noticed that I am starting to ramble (like an old person) so I'd better bring this post to a close and figure out how I am going to get the lawn mowed, the snowmobile repaired and all the laundry put away tonight before it is time to go to bed once again. Adieu.

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