Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Not Yet...

Well, I thought I had finally found the house to buy in Tooele to get us out of the dump that we've been living in since moving here. Moving here we had to buy a house before we sold our house in Eugene so that we could move the family out here in time for the kids to start school that fall. I bought our current house because it satisfied two conditions, I could afford it without selling my other house and we were able to move in quickly. The plan was to start looking for a house or building as soon as our property in Eugene sold. Well, it sold almost three years ago and we are still looking. We haven't been able to decide which community we wanted to stay in long term. Believe it or not, there are choices in Tooele County. We could live in Tooele City, Rush Valley, Grantsville, Erda or Stansbury Park. We ruled out Rush Valley after we found out that we would have to heat our home with propane (no offense to the propane guy in the ads on TV). After Sherrie started teaching in Tooele, we decided that we didn't want her to have to commute from Grantsville (and the kids said it would be a boring place to live). Personally, I kind of like Grantsville, but I am in the minority. Stansbury has been on again and off again (and it kind of still is). When we first moved here, we were going to live only in Stansbury Park. However, after living in Tooele for three years now, it is very convenient to have all the commerce and county offices so close. I also learned that they have mosquitos (which is actually spanish for little flies) in Stansbury Park. We really don't have mosquitos in Tooele (at least I haven't noticed them). We've decided that we like being up against the mountains and close to Middle Canyon. So I saw an ad for a home on the Tooele bench that was right in the location we were looking for. We drove up and saw a home under construction with jived with the location description. After mulling it over for a couple of days we decided that we really did want that location and we like the floor plan of the house (even though it was only framed in). Come to find out after calling the listing agent, that the home is already sold and the listing is now for a home that has yet to be built. I actually felt seriously disappointed for a good portion of the day. I think I could finally see the light at the end of the tunnel and found out that while there may have been some light, it certainly wasn't at the end of a tunnel. So I drove back to my cubicle in the ghetto. If anything, it has spurred me to action. I realize that it is time to take charge of my life and act on some of these things that need to be done. I felt like something clicked inside of me when Jordan left on his mission. I went back to the gym that day and started back on the treadmill. I haven't missed a day except Sunday since he left. Today I actually ran a 1 minute sprint on the treadmill (6 minute mile pace). I am going to work up to a 6 minute mile. I've lost 15 pounds in the last two weeks. I've finally decided that I don't have to live below my station in life (that does sound like caste system language - but, whatever). I am going to find a suitable residence and get out of the dump.

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