Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Elder Jordan Gibby Update

Saturday was Jordan's one month anniversary. Wow, that went by fast. It seems like we just put him on the plane and now another month is past. He is loving Brazil and putting his all into his mission. He wrote this week, "I can't believe I have survived a month in Brazil! Let alone the CTM (haha)." He and his companion are getting along well. Jordan has been able to motivate him to get placed on time and study more. Jordan enjoys the time he gets on p-day to go out in the city, explore and practice his Portuguese. "I am still having a blast being out in the city on p-days! its great. Last p-day we decided we would try placing a Book of Mormon because we had an extra one. We went out and did it pretty easily. It was cool."

I can tell already that Jordan is going to really enjoy his mission and be a great missionary (he just needs to send me more pictures).

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