Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Beautiful Spring Day

Today was almost a perfect day weatherwise. The temperature was perfect. There was no wind or rain and the sun shone beautifully until almost 9:00 pm. I was able to come home from work and putter in the yard. Well, before my puttering I put in my time at the gym. Sherrie motivated me to go - and I always feel better after I go. When I got home I pulled a few weeds, planted my new echinacea species (a native yellow form). I am trying to decide if my wisteria survived the winter. About a month ago it started to bud out after a few warm days. It turned cold again and the new growth froze. It hasn't done anything since then even though it has now been warm for a few days. I called a master gardener who said that it is probably just waiting for enough warm days (smart plant). I broke a few vines off and they are green inside. I will just let it be. If I don't have any growth in a couple of weeks I might then assume that it died. I hate to lose it because it has grown up over the trellis. The azaleas are blooming and are spectacular. I don't know why I always thought you couldn't grow azaleas and rhodys in the west. All mine wintered very well and are covered in beautiful blooms. I bought a few more this year. And the more I think about it, I might go get some more. I decided that subconsciously I am trying to make my yard look like the one I had in Knoxville, Tennessee. Pretty soon I will be bordering all my gardens with monkey grass. After pulling some weeds and clipping some old dead growth, I settled into my patio chair to enjoy the warm sun and beautiful flowers that are blooming. I have to relax a little because on Saturday we go down to bring Jordan back from school. I am not looking forward to packing all his stuff into the car. For some reason the things kids have at school multiply rapidly over the course of the school year. When we picked up Jared from BYU we almost didn't have enough room in the Suburban. I will probably take the Suburban to pick up Jordan just in case. I have been bringing things home little by little with my frequent visits down to Cedar City. It is going to be strange having three children in the house again. Well, I digress and it is well past my bedtime, but tomorrow is Friday. Maybe I will have to make a trip out to the Seafood Buffet...

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