Saturday, April 25, 2009

Rainy Day Garden Fever

This morning I awoke (well, it almost wasn't morning anymore) to Eugene, Oregon type weather. It was misting outside. It had apparently rained all night and we were situated inside the cloud that was up against the mountain. What can one do on such a dismal day? Go shopping of course - help boost the sagging economy. Sherrie and I headed into Salt Lake to find places that would be willing to take our money. I dropped her off at Aero Postale while I headed to Lowes Garden Center. I found a beautiful pink blooming dogwood tree (just like we had in Knoxville) and a contorted filbert. I also picked up a few more perennials (can a garden ever have enough perennials?). I got a bright pink carnation (marginal as to whether it will survive the winter, but I'll mulch it good), a Wasatch Penstemon (a wildflower that is native to the Wasatch Mountains, and another one that I can't recall right now (and my back doesn't feel up to going outside to find out). I also found a plant for my little water garden next to the patio. It has a beautiful white flower that comes up out of the water. Sherrie found a rustic looking pottery table decoration that she couldn't live without. All in all, it wasn't a bad day. I'll have to wait until Monday to plant the trees and perennials. It is just too wet outside (unusual for Utah) to plant anything and even if it weren't, I don't think my back and arm would let me. I think that it is about time to take one of the pain killers.

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