Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Mission Call!!!!

Jordan's mission call came right as expected. We had anticipated it would arrive today. At about 2:35 pm I called Sarah and she had just arrived at home to find a large white envelope addressed to "Elder Jordan David Gibby" in the mailbox. After Sherrie and I arrived home from work I realized that Jordan had taken the webcam back to school with him. We tried to borrow one, but ended up making a quick trip to Walmart to buy a webcam so that we could video conference with Jordan. I opened the envelope where I couldn't see the letter and put it up to the camera for Jordan to read it. The camera resolution got in the way and all Jordan seemed to be able to make out was "northern Minnesota". I asked him if he wanted me to read it to him to which he consented. I immediately saw Brazil and said that it wasn't anywhere near Minnesota. He had friends in the room with him and everybody was really excited when they heard Brazil. He has been called to the Brazil Porto Alegre North Mission. He will enter the Brazilian Mission Home on August 26, 2009. He doesn't like Provo and he won't even have to go there for the MTC. Needless to say, we've spent the rest of the evening calling everybody. I did find a little time to fill out his passport application and sent it to him.
Porto Alegre is south of Sao Paulo along the eastern coastline. The population is over 4 million. They have a temple there that was dedicated by the late President Hinckley. We are so excited. The date in August will give us some time with Jordan before he spends two years in a foreign country.

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Dance Tyme Entertainment said...

David, I hope your arm returns to normal. What kind of pain is it ? Where specifically is the pain at? I am really happy for Jordan. I am very proud of all your children. Our kids really seem to be what makes us the happiest, don't you agree?
Hopefully Jordan can get his hands on a guitar while down there... If not I may need to send him one for P days? or ? Boy Sarah is really coming into blossom... really pretty, you need to hide her in some combat boots and heavy bulky coats. so the boys will stay away... I love reading you blog inputs, I know it sounds one way because I don't have a family blog to share with you. I'm hoping sometime we can plan another trip to the cabin, that was really fun. or maybe meet somewhere in the south part of Utah? Britney tells me she is getting close to having to study for her MCATS . My Jonathan is going to the community college and working at red lobster in the kitchen assembling dishes and working as a fryer as well.He is still doing his DJ work, so he would be the one to hit up for a loan right? hahaha.
Jeanni is doing great and almost finished with her Masters and last year I weighed almost 350 lbs. and this year I am nearly 100 pounds lighter at 264 lbs. My goal weight is 185-195 lbs at 6'1". Excercising is the secret and watching the quality of what I am eating. Well I am getting tired as well, talk to you later, or Email me I am at