Monday, April 27, 2009

Woops, I Did It Again...

There is something about spring and gardening that draws me to plant nurseries like bees to honey. I saw the azaleas that just arrived, ready to bloom, and I had to have some. The ones I planted last year did so well and are blooming beautifully right now. I bought a couple of pink azaleas to plant at the base of the pink dogwood tree. I bought a bright red dwarf rhododendron and a burnt red azalea for the front flower bed. I also had to pick up some canna bulbs. I planted them and put them in the hot bed I thought they would add some nice color and height to the front flower beds. I can't get anymore plants until the ones I have are in the ground and with my back the way it still is, that won't be anytime before the weekend (whoa is me). I have a number of plants flowering now so the gardens are really pretty. The summer blooming flowers are up and out of the ground. I noticed that my fancy clematis is putting out a number of flower buds. The wisteria is still holding out. I finally had to pull a couple of buds to see if they were alive. They are alive and today I saw the first evidence of leaves emerging. I do hope that they bloom this year. I spent last year training them on the trellis, now I would like to see a reward for all my efforts. I needed to mow the grass today (it was just mowed on Saturday), but I couldn't with my back. I put Revive (I think that is the name of the product) on it. We then had the rain and snow and it has gone crazy. I don't know what is in Revive (I hope I have the name right) but it sure does the job. Last year when the sod I laid was doing so poorly, I tried Revive and the sod recovery was almost miraculous. It is a product that I really believe in. This really isn't an advertisement or sales pitch for the product, but I have been amazed each time I've used it. I hope that my back feels better tomorrow. I really have too much to do in and out of the house to be out of commission. I've finally decided that the goal will be to have the stair project done by the time Jordan gets home from his mission. There has been only minimal progress in the last few weeks.

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