Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tooele High School Prom 2009

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Well, here I find myself recovering from another exciting weekend (what will I do with myself when I no longer have teenage children living at home). Sarah went to the Tooele HIgh School Junior Prom with Micah Robbins. They went on a date earlier in the day where they participated in a scavenger hunt at Walmart. Afterwards they enjoyed lunch at Subway (conveniently located in Walmart - A person could probably actually live in Walmart and never have to leave the store). They had a blast. Sarah had an appointment at 1:30 to have her hair done for the dance. Micah came by at about 2:15 to pick her up. We were able to meet Micah's Mom, Cheryl. They make a stunning couple as you can see from the pictures. We see them as Professors Ken and Barbie. They went with a group of really nice kids from Tooele. First stop was to have their pictures taken. I am hoping to see the proofs in a day or two. They had some time before dinner so they all went and walked around Temple Square. Of course they received numerous compliments. I think those senior Sister Missionaries love seeing the beautiful young ladies with their dates on Temple Square. They all enjoyed dinner at Rodizio Grill at Trolley Square. Fortunately we had just been to Trolley square for dinner last weekend and Sarah made an addition trip there when she forgot her purse, so she knew how to get there. When she got home on Friday night she talked alot about dinner (she really seemed to like the restaurant - I guess we will have to take it up a notch to impress our children). They all had a fun time at the dance. Sarah arrived home happy and tired (but we did manage to stay up until about 1:30 talking about the dance). She also arrived home with blisters on her feet (good thing I have moleskin for running) and sore earlobes (must be why woman pierece their ears rather than wear clipons). Today she was able to wear her dress to church. All the little girls in the ward thought she looked like a princess. It gave the older women in the ward the opportunity to reflect back on their proms. I guess we have just one more prom related activity and that is to have the dress cleaned. I guess it is good that I only have one daughter because I wanted her really dolled up for the prom.

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