Thursday, April 2, 2009

I'm Glad Today is Over

It is now time to go to bed and I am GLAD today is finally over. Every now and then you have a day in which things continue to go wrong. So you are relieved when it finally ends with the hope that tomorrow will be a better day. I woke up feeling sick after a rough night of sleep. I found out that Jordan still needs to have an interview with President Lawrence before his mission papers can be turned in. So guess what I am doing on Saturday - another trip to the south lands. I feel like I have spent every weekend in Cedar City. Jordan's room mates are coming up on Friday for Conference, but he didn't want to leave that early so I get to go down and pick him up and take him back on Monday. Jonathan agreed to go down with me so that I won't have to travel alone. Sarah has her ACT test on Saturday and Sherrie had a haircut appointment so I get the assignment to drive 500 miles. On my way home Sherrie called to tell me that she had a flat tire on the Suburban. I really wasn't in the mood to take on a flat tire, so I went to find the rest of the wood for the stair railings. Home Depot told me that they had the newell posts and ballusters that I needed. Well, they had one balluster. I'll never finish the project if I can't find the wood. I will call and see if perchance they have the wood I need in Cedar City. I finally did make it home and went with Sherrie to pick up the car. It had a FLAT tire with the remnant of a screw sticking out of it. I pumped it up with my mobile compressor and then took it home and plugged the hole. I needed to get it repaired because I have replacement of the windshield that is fully cracked scheduled for tomorrow morning. I have to get this done so that I am ready for Monday. I was going to have the windshield on the Villager replaced, but found out that I only carry liability insurance on it (I vaguely remember changing the coverage when the boys started driving). To replace the windshield without insurance is expensive for that car. I checked and found that if the crack is repaired and does not extend more than one inch into the "acute zone" which is 6 inches past the outside rim of the glass then it will pass the inspection. I checked the cracks and they barely fall within the criteria so it looks as if I don't have to get it replaced to pass the safety inspection. Well, I have been rattling on for too long now. On a positive note, my morning glory (Convolvulus) seeds have sprouted in my mini greenhouse.
I bought some special seeds that should produce beautiful flowers. I am going to try and cover my ugly fences with vine flowers. Jonathan and Sarah first noticed the seeds had sprouted. They were excited to see the plants growing. I will be really excited when my Pulsatilla seeds sprout, but they aren't supposed to sprout for over 3 months (still a bit to wait). The weather people are talking snow again tonight, but it is supposed to be closed to 70 by the weekend. I will be glad when the risk of frost is passed so that I can plant my seedlings out in the garden.This is the first time in year that I have planted seeds in doors. I found that it was the only way to get some of the "exotic" flowers that I wanted to have in my yard. Either the plants are too expensive to order online or you can't find them locally. Well, I am finally signing off and going to bed.

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