Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Jared Wednesday Update - 04/22/09

I received Jared's email earlier than usual this week. It was nice to read. With my snazzy new phone I can read email on my phone. Now I just need those cornea video screen implants and I could read email all the time... I'll get back on track. Jared had a great week in Gadsden, Alabama. The biggest surprise of the week was probably hearing from his brother, Jordan. We obtained permission from Jared's mission president for Jordan to make a brief call and tell him where he was called to. Jared writes, "Wednesday night we were in PEC meeting with the bishop and all and I left with one of the elders to go and do a church tour. Elder Bybee comes running out of the room saying, “Elder Gibby, your brother is on the phone!!” I’m like what!???!?!?! I was able to talk to Jordan for 12 minutes and he told me where he was going to be serving. I’m super excited for him to be able to go to Brazil. He is going to love it. I know that is where he is supposed to go. It was really wonderful to be able to talk to Jordan. I was so excited. I didn’t want to be breaking mission rules so I’m glad that he told me he got permission from President Tate." I am also glad that Jared didn't break the rules. I am especially grateful to President Tate, who graciously consented to the call. Jared and Jordan have been close growing up (Irish twins). They will share about 8 months in the mission field.

Jared is also seeing how people's lives can change for the better. "Kristin, one of our investigators, came to church Sunday. We taught her before church started and she has read almost half the Book of Mormon. I was super surprised. On a first impression you wouldn’t have given her the time of day. When we first met her she said she was a lesbian, dressed like a gothic emo, and told us she was atheist. We still talked to her and taught her the restoration. She has come to church for the past 3 weeks and loves it. ... Monday we were able to teach her in a members home and watch the Restoration DVD. It went really well. She might get baptized soon."

This coming Sunday they will having Stake Conference with Elder L. Tom Perry as their speaker. We had Elder Perry speak at our Stake Conference in Tulsa, Oklahoma when I served as a Bishop there. That will be a great experience for Jared.

One comment I will make, is that it is certainly easier having them on their mission than getting prepared to leave. We just went through this a year ago with Jared and now we are starting it with Jordan. There is an added step that Jordan has to obtain a passport (which was much easier to do years and years and years ago when I had mine). Hopefully we will get the passport thing taken care of this week and then Mom will be able to rest easier.

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