Thursday, April 2, 2009

Megan No More

The Joy is gone out of American Idol. Okay, sorry for the pun. I had to miss the American Idol elimination episode last night (sigh sigh). I was participating in much more important County Business. Truth be told, it was actually nice to not have to endure Ryan Seacrest teasing the contestants and wondering if this was the week that a contestant would be "saved." As soon as I arrived home, Sarah let me know that Megan had been eliminated. Well, no great surprises there. Apparently, didn't garner enough support to keep her on the show, or they have shifted their allegiance to Anoop. In my opinion, Megan Corkrey became little to Cockey which led to her downfall. She was too convinced of her own musical ability. She attempted to apply her musical style to everything she did rather than modify or adopt a style to fit the music genre being performed. Even though I am from Utah and was fully behind David Archuleta in last season (I even went to the Idol tour concert and a Jazz game to see him sing), I have never felt the same allegiance to Ms. Megan. Maybe it was the overwhelming tatoo on her arm, maybe it was the cockiness, maybe it was bad performance after bad performance; it just never worked for me. So who will be next. I would like to see Scott MacIntyre go. NO, I am not without empathy understanding that he is a blind contestant with the odds stacked against him more than the other contestants. It just comes down to the singing. He doesn't sing as well and never has. Ever week it is the same piece with modified lyrics and melody, crooned from the piano in a lounge singer fashion. This contestant ranks below Taylor Hicks on my list (and Hicks used to be my worst ever American Idol contestant). In fact, I would rather see Sanjaya back on the stage. Again, it is nothing against MacIntyre, it is just that I feel the credibility of the contest (now David get real has there ever been any credibility) is drawn into question when a contestant is shown favoritism week after week because of the desire to use his disability to increase ratings. Well, at this point I have wasted far too much of my life prattling on about a TV show.

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