Sunday, April 5, 2009

Cedar City - I LOVE YOU

You just can't keep me away. I mad another mad dash to the cedar haven of the south. Jordan just couldn't wait to come home for another weekend. With all the tire problems last weekend, he just wasn't able to spend enough time with us. Jonathan and I headed out bright and early on Saturday morning (well, late enough for some sleeping in) and enjoyed the beautiful back country highways of central Utah. Upon arrival we spent some money at the Home Depot, they have supplies there that I can't get in Tooele or most of SLC. We then made a quick trip through Walmart to by some of the fusible whatever that is used in applique quilting. Then is was over the hill to Jordan's apartment where he was waiting anxiously by the door. Lunch was at Lucky's Chinese Buffet where we again saw the infantile octapi but didn't partake. Then the mad dash back to Tooele that was interrupted by a nice sheriff from whatever county Fillmore is in. Apparently, the speed limit between the Meadow exit from I-15 and Highway 50 that goes from Holden to Delta is a 55 mph zone and not 65 as I thought it was. Apparently the nice Sheriff also knew this and parked his pickup only a half mile from Highway 50. So I guess I will be paying the nice Judge in Fillmore a visit on the way back from Zion's Park on Friday. It was ironic that a little more than a year ago, my father received a speeding ticket in Stockton after bringing Jared up for his final interview with the Stake President before sending in his mission papers. This was the trip to bring Jordan back for his last interview with the Stake President before sending his mission papers in. I think we'll fly Jonathan home if he is somewhere away from home and then have him take a taxi from the airport. In spite of the difficulties encountered in what was to have been a great southern jaunt, Jordan's mission papers were submitted and we expect an important letter in about two weeks. Maybe the judge will have compassion on me and drop the fine. But I don't know, it didn't work on the nice Sheriff. When we head back that way again, we will certainly take the highway to Holden and avoid the country speed trap going to Meadow. I think I will contact UDOT and see if they can't do something about the speed limit on that stretch of highway because there certainly isn't any reason it would be lower than the section going to Holden. I'd better sign off for the night since it is already Monday morning.

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