Monday, April 20, 2009

Neck Hernia

I am not sure which is worse, pain in my arm and neck or sleeping all the time (okay, I do know which is worse - but I am growing a little tired - no pun intended - of sleeping or wanting to sleep all the time). I did make it up for work this morning, but only after sleeping through my alarm for over an hour. The alarm noise translated into dogs barking at my in a dream. I didn't take my muscle relaxant this morning, but I am still having a hard time staying awake at work. After reading about the prognosis for this condition, I am feeling somewhat better. Lose weight and exercise more to strengthen the back and neck muscles. If I don't do those things it will eventually end up as surgical intervention with the vertebrae being fused. I have a bunch of yard and landscaping work to get done this spring. I hope this condition won't interfere with it.

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