Thursday, April 16, 2009

Jared Wednesday Update - 04/15/09

"A cool bird named Kooskoe"
"The slot machine was at this old mans house who we visited on our team up with Attalla. Don't worry, I didn't gamble! haha"

Life continues to be good to Jared in Gadsden, Alabama. He was able to play the piano during the Easter Program in Sacrament Meeting on Sunday. "Monday was a sweet day. We had a ton of appointments and taught some sweet people. In the morning we did MAUs and had some wonderful success. One lady actually had been taught by missionaries before and remembered their names. She wants us to come back and visit with her again. I also taught this black guy, Davounto Ray, he is way cool. He said that he would love coming up to church and he told me that he also has a recording studio and wants me to come and record some piano pieces. I’m actually writing a song right now so that’s going to be fun. In the afternoon we went to a referrals house and gave him a BOM and taught him lesson one. I also ended up setting up his home network for his computer. That was pretty funny. He was really thankful and we are probably going to give him a church tour this weekend."

Jared ran into a member of our ward in Farragut, Tennessee. "After we went to the temple we ate at Jim ‘N Nicks, a BBQ place, mmmmm it’s amazing. Some other missionaries from the Leads ward ate with us and the member that drove them knows grandpa. His name is Charles Brinkman. I guess he studied with him at the U and is a ceramic engineer. He used to work at INEEL and Oakridge in Farragut. He might have even met dad. It was really cool talking with him." Chuck Brinkman was a member of the Farragut Ward for the five years that we lived there. Jared was too young to have remembered him. I remember when my parents came out to visit one time, Dad was able to talk to him. So in response to Jared's comment that I might have met him before. Yes, I saw him almost weekly for five years. He even met Sherrie's Mom out in Colorado Springs. It really is a small world.

One of the highlights of yesterday for us was Jordan's opportunity to call Jared directly and tell him about his mission call. I call President Tate and obtained permission for Jordan to call and speak with him for just a few minutes and let him know where his mission call was to. I really felt strongly about having Jordan tell him personally. They have always been so close and growing up talked about when they would be serving missions at the same time. Jared will miss Jordan's farewell and Jordan will miss Jared's homecoming, but I wanted them to be able to share this one experience. President Tate was very gracious in allowing the contact. I think Jared was surprised that Jordan called him. They will be able to email each other over the next year (I love technology).

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