Monday, August 18, 2008

Back on the Van

Today I did what I had promised myself to do in order to conserve gasoline, reduce pollution and global warming, and most importantly, save money - I made my way to the pickup point and rode the van to work. I had forgotten how uncomfortable it is with 11 big people in one van really designed for 10 at most. It's been several months since I was on the van so I ended up with the worst seat on the van (there is a seating seniority system - technically I have seniority because I have paid for a seat longer than most on the van, but I didn't actually occupy the seat - so go figure). We drove to Grantsville where the van driver pulled into the Quickie Mart and one of the riders got out and went inside. I figured he must have gotten sick and needed to use a restroom. About 5 minutes later he comes out with his breakfast (I've never experienced that before). Needless to say, I was little put out that all of us had to sit in the van for an extra 5 minutes so that one person could pick up some breakfast (I thought everybody was expected to eat before the van arrived or carry it with them). I think that tomorrow I will ask the driver to go through the McDonalds drive through so that I can get a hot breakfast. In just fifteen minutes I get to relive the experience, although this time I get to the van before the hourly guys so I will have a better seat going home (why did gas prices have to go so high!!!!) I have never liked public transportation and yet it seems that I have been cursed to ride it a good portion of my career (Thiokol, Hanford, INEEL and now USM). I wonder if I could ride a scooter all the way out here? If I could, I wonder what my life expectancy would be? What I really need is a job where I work from home (I've heard the ads on the radio) and then I wouldn't have to worry about commuting ever (may I could sell Xango - does anybody out there want to buy Xango from me?????)

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Family Fifita said...

Okay, this post made me laugh out loud. HA!

You could become a Stampin' Up! demonstrator--right now you can join for only $99! Contact your demonstrator to learn more. If you don't already have a demo...

Wait a minute--I slipped back into work for a second. ;-)