Tuesday, August 5, 2008

How Time Flies

How time flies when you're having fun (it seems to fly even faster when you're not - you just don't see the end). After getting the master bedroom closet in order (we can actually fit everything in the closet now - yeahhhh), I have embarked on the laundry room. This is the project that I have been dreading since we bought the house. It was never finished properly. There was a piece of scrap carpeting on the floor (full of mold) and two cabinets hung on the wall (only after we heard a large crashing sound one night did we realize that the cabinets were secured only to the sheetrock). I've built two cabinets and have two more to build (just the boxes - I still need to do the doors, but I will have to find my router in the garage before I do that). Anyway, I am going to build the boxes and get them hung so that I can do the tile floor. I've dreaded this primarily because I have to take the washer and dryer out of commission for a couple of days while I do the tiling (yikes!!). Last night while I was wandering around home depot looking for the right lumber for the cabinets I found the oak stair treads. I just about bought those so that I could work on the entry stairs and hallway (I've already bought the wood for the hallway). I had to contain myself and commit to finishing the laundry room and master bathrooms before I start tearing up the stairs and hallway. When we were first married, we rented a house and neighbors next door were "fixing up" their house. They had about 30 projects going at one time (none of which were even close to being finished). They eventually sold the house (with all the unfinished projects) and bought a home with everything done. I swore at that time, that would never be me....

Jordan was asked to stay over again tonight at work. He is just about the most reliable employee they have in the warehouse. I really don't know what they are going to do when he leaves in a week and a half. He likes the extra hours, because that is more money for school (we like that too).

I am excited for tomorrow (we live for Wednesday). That is the day we get our email from Jared (they usually contain more than the letter received normally on Friday). It is exciting to see him serving a mission and experience things with him through his letters. It brings back a lot of memories from when I was serving a mission (although his is a lot cushier).

Tonight was a nice night in Tooele. It was cool with a slight breeze. We stood out on the driveway and talked with our neighbors (everybody talked while I assembled cabinets boxes). It was really nice. I will be glad to get all the projects done on the house so that I can just enjoy being outside in the evening without worrying about what needs to be done. Sherrie took our neighbor, Carol, to lunch today for her birthday. She had a really good time. I guess we are starting to mesh with the neighborhood. (Next thing you know, we'll be buying a big 4x4 truck and letting our backyard revert back to weeds.) Really, our cul-de-sac is an oasis in an otherwise (I don't know how to say it without being mean).... neighborhood.

Jonathan had a friend stay over last night. They wanted to stay up and play video games when I went to bed. This morning when Jordan and I got up to leave for work, they were still playing video games. I asked them if they had gone to bed (you guessed it "NO"). Jonathan has spent the rest of the day sleeping. Well, speaking of bed, it is that time again, all too soon (I feel like all I do is sleep and go to work).

Hasta Manana

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Family Fifita said...

I am slowly but surely getting caught up on your blog. It was good reading while I enjoyed my Rumbi Island Grill salad at lunch today. :-) (If you haven't eaten there before, today was my first, and it was pretty dang good.) Thanks for posting--it's nice to know what's going on in your life since we don't see each other very much!