Monday, August 11, 2008

One Down - Four to Go

Here it is Monday afternoon (actually evening, well, almost bedtime). Jordan finished up he fifth to last day. He is training his replacement. It is a younger lady and it takes her about three times as long to do everything. He doesn't think his manager is very happy about the replacement (HR brings people in and makes the assignments). I keep looking at all the stuff Jordan is taking down and trying to figure out how it will all fit in the Subaru. I remember when I went to college for the first time I had my suit cases (two of them) and a typewriter. That was about it. When I went back after my mission, Ken and I put all of our stuff in a tiny Honda civic. When we brought Jared back from BYU we filled up the back of the Suburban.

We're sitting here watching the Olympics again tonight. I am watching mainly because I am too tired to do anything else. I wonder if I have a virus because I feel like I am burning up and have a headache. I really just wanted to stay home in bed today. Well, the Olympics may be worth watching now because they've switched to gymnastics. Earlier we had to watch synchronized diving (it drives me crazy how after the dives they just talk about how big the splash was). Watching the poor guy competing in floor exercise - he performs a very difficult routine and then steps out of bounds at the end (which again is all they talk about). I guess I don't have enough of the competitive spirit.

We received a letter from Jared today. He sounds like he is doing great, although he is frustrated that they can't get their investigators to come to church. His companion leaves in a few days. He has really enjoyed this comp. I hope he gets another good companion. A companion can really make your time great or miserable.

It is getting late, so I guess I should go out and get the flowers watered before I go to bed. It has been so hot that even a day without water and they suffer. I don't know why this has felt like such a hot summer (it must be global warming - or at least Regional Southwest Warming). Well, all this heat is good for my company. We like hot, dry summers because that makes good brine for magnesium production (go sun).

I've waited too long to water the flowers. Phelps is going for his ninth career gold right now (200 m freestyle). Of course, before the race they have to do a life story spot. This is my criticism of the Olympics every time, there are too many life stories and not enough of the actual competitions broadcast. We'll see how he does (Lane 6). I guess I could go to Yahoo news and find out if he wins, but I think I will watch the race to see. He is ahead of his world record and almost a full body length ahead of all the rest of the swimmers. Phelps did it - he set a new world record and won another gold medal. He broke the world record by almost a second (it must be these new suits they wear). Enough of my sports broadcasting. Time to water the flowers and go to bed....

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Family Fifita said...

That's funny--I'm most interested in the "stories" from the Olympics and less interested in the competitions themselves. I haven't watched much of the Olympics this year--I have too many things DVRed that I'm trying to watch and get rid of. Perhaps I watch too much TV...