Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What a Pretty Daughter!

Sarah brought home her school picture today. We had a fun time putting it in the frame and looking at all the previous years' pictures. She has really grown up, but is still the same sweet, young lady she's always been. It is hard to believe that I have an almost 17 year old daughter that is a Junior in High School and will be getting her driver's license shortly. Am I old, or what! I don't need to feel that old, I work with people younger than me who are already grandparents....ouch.

It is quiet with just two children living at home (not that quiet is bad). Sherrie is on the mend and it is supposed to be another cool night, so I will be able to sleep well for my 1 hour increments (I guess it is good that it is a holiday weekend).


Kimberly said...

She is a beautiful young lady--I look at her and think, "that's what I would have looked like if I was tall and thin." :-) Where did she get those tall & thin genes? Same place Candice picked them up, I guess!

David Gibby said...

I think it must be the Taylor genes. They had those big, stocky, European genes. I seem to remember that Grandpa Taylor's father was large. I just don't worry about food storage anymore. I figure I can last for a couple of months on what I carry around with me. With the money I don't waste on buying more cans of wheat and powdered milk, I can go out to eat - yeah!!