Sunday, August 31, 2008

This and That for the Week

Sarah has a new friend who is a foreign exchange student from Japan (I believe her name is Ludi). He is a really nice young lady living with Sarah's good friend Kinzey's family. Sarah has had other friends from Japan (when we lived in Eugene) that she has stayed in close contact. To help her new friend feel more comfortable she found a movie (a scary one) that is Japanese with English subtitles. She watched that with Ludi (Sarah really likes the scary movies - just like her Dad).

Britney came up to visit us the weekend we took Jordan down to SUU (I believe that was two weeks ago). Since she has been coming to our house, Ruby has taken a liking to her (she is allergic to cats). She has been a really good sport (as seen in the picture). We enjoy having her come up and visit. She is always so positive and uplifting.

Sherrie had a bad night on Thursday night (lots of pain in the eye) so she decided to wear a patch. We think that she just stressed it out too much being at school. We call her Captain Sherrie. Saturday I went to Walmart and bought her a proper pirates patch (black) which can be seen in the picture with Jordan at SUU. It does help her eye. The doctor thought she should see significant improvement by Tuesday. Her eye is still red and swollen, though not as bad as it was. This has been a long, grueling process, dealing with this infection. I am so grateful that it will eventually have a happy outcome. I am so proud of the way Sherrie has persevered through this. Lack of sleep, pain and concern about losing your vision, while starting a new school year and still getting all your everyday mundane things accomplished. She is also the human alarm clock that goes off for each medication dose whether in a deep sleep or not...

Sarah got hold of my camera and decided to turn it on me. Looking at the picture you can see why I stay out of the pictures. I was just glad that I didn't crack the lens or something. There is a rule in photography that the non-photogenic should wield the camera and stay out of the pictures of the benefit of all. Some people were made to have their pictures taken and same were made to take the pictures. I am happy to stay in the later category. If you look at the picture above of my wife, you can tell that she belongs in the first category, looking beautiful even with an eye patch.


Kimberly said...

Oh brother! (Hey, that has a double meaning there!) Your picture is NOT bad. At least you don't have 23 chins (at my last count, anyway). I'm not sure I realized that you and Sarah love scary movies because me and Sione (and Candice too!) all LOVE scary movies! I buy all non R-rated scary movies I can. And I have this awesome Korean one (with English subtitles). Man, those Asian countries can make some great scary movies! What was the Japanese one they watched? We need to have a scary movie fest in October. We might want to do it at your house with your NICE tv. :-)

David Gibby said...

They were watching Ringu. We got the scary movie gene. I've always liked scary movies, but when we were little I wan't allowed to watch Star Trek because it gave Ken nightmares. I also used to watch the Edge of Night (a soap opera that had vampires in it) - what was I doing watching a soap opera? Like you I don't to the R-rated or slasher movies, but I love a good thriller or psychological thriller. I have a particular affection for vampire movies.