Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bad Dad Award

While trying to earn the good spouse award, I ended up with the Bad Dad Gold Medal. I had a meeting in Salt Lake this afternoon, so I had Jordan ride the vanpool home from work. After my meeting I went to meet Sherrie at the school to help her get her room arranged. I forgot that I was supposed to pick up Jordan. He had to walk the 2 miles home in the heat (feeling like white trash). The really sad thing is that I didn't even notice that I had forgotten him until he called me when he got home. He wasn't very happy (No, stop do not hop on pop). I apologized and took him out to his favorite overpriced chinese restaurant for dinner.

I really wanted to title this Blog, "Oh What a Beautiful Evening". It is so nice and cool with a slight breeze out here on the patio while I watch the beautiful colors of the sunset. I have the perfect view of the sunsets from my patio. You can hear the sprinklers running and kids playing. There are a few stars starting to shine through the twilight. Now that I have become poetic, my computer has decided to run out of battery power. I had better post this before I "lose my work". It really is a beautiful evening.....

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Family Fifita said...

I wish Mom and Dad took me out to dinner every time they forgot me (or to do something for me). Ha. Of course, my memory is so bad now that I don't know if they ever forgot me...they probably did. I'm sure that's something all parents experience at one time or another.