Thursday, August 21, 2008

Jared's Fun P-Day

We received Jared's Wednesday letter and pictures. He is really have a good time and loves his mission. The couple they live with took them and some other missionaries to the NASA space center in Huntsville. He said it was kind of like Lagoon without the rides, although it did have rides. He rode a g-force simulator which apparently made him sick. He rode the takeoff and re-entry ride (missionaries get to do more on p-day than they did 25 years ago when I was out - ours was primarily letter writing and laundry day).

His companion finished up and went home last week. Jared is going to miss him, they got along very well. He is being made Senior companion (congratulations to him - only three months out). He is also getting a very difficult companion apparently. Just like I predicted (Eric commented that he was given difficult companions, and I had my share of difficult comps). It doesn't really seem fair that when you get along with people they give you the difficult ones. I am sure that Jared will do okay. He is having some interesting experiences in the Bible Belt. He had a big Bible bash with a guy that actually read the Book of Mormon with the intent to prove the missionaries wrong. After a while they realized that they were wasting their time and left. I am interested now to see how things go with this new companion.

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Kimberly & Church said...

I knew he had gotten sent to the South for a reason! Go Elder Gibby!