Monday, August 25, 2008

Bad Friday - Good Monday

After a stressful weekend we received encouraging news this morning at Sherrie's daily doctor visit. There was significant improvement with the virus effectively eradicated and the cornea beginning to heal. On Friday it looked fairly bleak with the viral dendrites covering the entire cornea causing swelling and significant pain (the picture provided shows a dendrite on the cornea - in Sherrie's case these lesions completely covered the cornea). On Sunday, the pain and swelling subsided somewhat. The doctor also told us that after the Thursday visit he was worried that she would lose her eye. Even the pharmacist asked how she was doing this morning when I went in to get another prescription filled. All the waking up every 1-2 hrs to put in the medications paid off. I will never look at an eye infection the same way. We have to keep up the medicating regiment for another week to ensure the infection does come back, but that's okay because we know her eye is going to be okay in the end. She's off the daily doctor visit and doesn't have to go back in until Thursday. We are fortunate to have such a competent Ophthalmologist in Tooele. (Information on Ocular Herpes Simplex)

I can't think of much else that happened since last time I blogged. I did some laundry (which still needs to be folded - at least its washed!). I changed out the light fixture in Jonathan's bedroom (we bought the new one about a year ago - he's been so patient that I thought I ought to get it done - now I just have to get his bedroom painted - hopefully before he graduates from high school).

The heat has taken a toll on my gardens. In spite of regular watering, the flowers all look like they've seen better days. My color bowls don't have any color at the moment. I am hoping that as the weather cools down for pre-fall (of course with global warming as serious as it is, who knows whether we will ever have winter again) that the flowers will perk up and give it one last burst of color before they're frozen to death. As much as I love my gardens, I am looking forward to winter and 5 months with minimal outdoor maintenance.

Well, this is my life today. I am off to unload a Suburban full of teaching supplies and then to bed to resume the medication cycle. Ta Ta .....

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