Friday, August 1, 2008

Run Air Conditioner Run

I sit out here in the lessening heat and darkening sky listening to the endless drone of the air conditioner and the barking of dogs. I would have expected it to be cooler by now (the heat has become a common theme in my mostly whiny blogs as of late), but I sit here with sweat running down my face. I dread seeing my electric bill. My water bill came in today - I guess I shouldn't water my lawn so much... It almost doubled from last month. If the electric meter were on the back patio it could probably double as a fan (no more complaining because the house is COOL).Jonathan mowed the lawn for me this afternoon. I was going to mow it and decided that the heat was too much for me. He was nice to do it for me and did such a nice job. He mowed it on the angle and then didn't want me to walk on it and mess it up (such a perfectionist).

I didn't get the back lawn mowed, but that can wait until tomorrow (it's all about image here - keep the front of the house looking good, sounds kind of like rotting bones in whitewashed crypts - watch the attitude). I really am grateful that I have a finished backyard (except for the pond and a few yards of top soil). It is so relaxing being able to come out here in the evenings and relax and to barbeque meals. It really has become my favorite room in the house.

This is really a droning blog. I guess it is a reflection of my basically uneventful life. The older I get the less eventful I want it to be. I did get the mirror on the car fixed and remounted. I still need to order the mirror glass to finish it. Sherrie reminded me of that three times tonight while we were driving in the car to pick Jonathan up from the swimming pool. I checked the local parts places and it is special order, so I am going to just order it off the internet because it is cheaper that way.
It is getting to that time of the night when I can't see the keyboard anymore and I start making alot of mistakes (and I can't find the delete key to fix them). I don't know what I am going to do tomorrow. I am thinking that I will redo the inside of our master bedroom closet. It has been a problem for us since we moved into the house. It is by far the smallest closet we have ever had. It should be a project that I can accomplish in a day (I hope - provided there aren't any other disruptions). I think we are also going to go to the Tooele County Fair. It is a fun little fair (and its free!!!) We go over there and check out the 4-H stuff and the chickens and rabbits. They have fair food, but we don't usually eat it because it is so high in fat (like my Little Debbie snack cakes aren't - anybody could look at me and tell I don't any high fat food). Well, Sherrie keeps me from eating it. I tried to get her to go to dinner there tonight, but she wouldn't give in and we ate at Bajio (a salad). I didn't do my Wii exercises tonight because we thought we had company coming. So we finally called to find out what time they would be here and they aren't coming until Sunday night (a slight miscommunication). Sunday night works better for us anyway.

Sarah went to Lagoon today with Britney and her friends from BYU. She got to try out being a college coed. She is excited to go to college (that is about how I felt my Junior year).

Well, it is time to sign off and spend some time with my beautiful wife. She sits out here and taunts me about being on the computer on such a lovely evening (although I am still sweating). We are going to go to the Quickie Mart and get a squishie and then come back and sit on the porch some more. We have to enjoy these beautiful nights while we have them, and I don't have to go to work tomorrow. So Good Night.

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