Wednesday, August 6, 2008

P-Day Update

I received a nice, long email from Jared today (actually he writes to his mother with comments for the rest of us - what a good son). He is doing great. He loves his area, although they don't have anyone in their teaching pool. He spent a couple of very hot days walking around while they tried to find his companions helmet (no riding without the helmet). Wouldn't it have been faster to go to Walmart and buy a new helmet? He really likes his companion and will be sad to lose him as he is finished and ready to go home. They family he lives with treats him very well. They left the Elders housesitting while they traveled to Nauvoo (is it wise to leave a real house with two 19-21 year old boys?). I sure hope it is clean and everything is in working order when they return. When the Hann's get back they are going to take the elders up to the NASA center. Jared is really excited about that.

I got all my tools out this afternoon with every intention to complete the cabinets for the laundry room. Well, I finished one paneled door. It is the first one I have every tried. It is a good thing I did a prototype so that I could learn how to do it. The first thing I need to do is get a speed control for the router. At high speed, it just chips the heck out of the hardwood. I also need to get some door clamps. I though I had some, but they are "frame clamps" and require an opening in the middle of the frame for the tightening mechanism (didn't work with the paneled doors). Maybe this weekend I will get them done. It is such a bother to have to drag all the tools out onto the driveway and then put everything back away. I really need to get my garage cleaned out so that I can set up a shop inside of it. (But that isn't going to happen as long as I have a wife teaching school and children in college....) If I was like the rest of Tooele, I would just build a badly designed wood shed in the middle of my back yard and put my tools in it! And then let the weeds grow up all around it so that I couldn't get to it. But I would never really go in it after I built it.... Ahhhh, the idiosyncrasies of Tooele). Today I ran into an old (well, he's older than I am) co-worker from Idaho. He is the environmental guy for BYU (next step environmental guy for church HQ, and then environmental angel for heaven), he asked about living in Tooele (he's in Spanish Fork, how much better can that be). I told him that we really liked it. It replied that it was probably a nice place to live, but that it got too hot there (another person who must think Tooele is on the Nevada border). I told him that we usually had the same weather as Salt Lake (he didn't realize that we were that close - only 300 miles out and 30 miles back).

Well, it is late, I am tired and I am beginning to ramble rather than blog (I'm still not sure what the difference would be). Enjoy the pictures of Jared's mission.

Until next time.

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Family Fifita said...

Environmental angel for heaven...he, he. That one's going to keep me giggling the rest of the day. You're so productive! I can barely get my house clean (okay, I can't get it clean) and you're BUILDING stuff. We have all this great closet space and a huge laundry room with tons of drawers and cabinets--and I'm not using any of it because I'm so disorganized. Maybe you can come tackle my house one weekend. ;-)