Monday, August 11, 2008

Weekend Over in a Flash

Wow, I haven't blogged since last Thursday. This is what happens when I start into my home fixup projects - everything else goes by the wayside. Happily, I can report that I have made progress on the laundry room. I have the new cabinets in (although I ended up buying them rather than making them - it was more cost effective). They look nice and will match what we have in the rest of the house.

For Jordan's last family activity before heading off to Cedar City, we took a hike up to Timp Cave. We had talked about doing this since last summer - so we finally did it. Last time we attempted this, Jordan was working and Sarah and Sherrie got sick part way up so we ended going home without reaching the top. This time we persevered, inspite of the thunderstorms, and made it all the way (once I've paid for a ticket I'm not giving up). The hike was really quite pleasant as the overcast nature of the day made it somewhat cooler. I had a hard time keeping up with Sherrie. She's like a machine (or the Energizer Bunny) when she gets on the trail. Jonathan and I worked our way up the trail a little slower (Jonathan stays with me to watch out for me). Sherrie didn't want to go into the cave (still having claustrophobic flashbacks from a submarine that we toured in Oklahoma). While we toured through the cave, Sherrie made her way back down the trail and arrived at the based just before a large thundercell let loose with a downpour. By the time we came back out of the cave, the rain clouds had passed and it was sunny out. It was fun going through the cave. This was my third time. I went once during the summer of 2006 while we were in the process of moving to Utah. I remember going as a child (but cannot recall how old I was). The kids really enjoyed it. Jordan was able to get a lot of good pictures. We had a great time. Sherrie was down at the bottom to greet us when we made it back down. Jordan made it much faster than I did. On my way down I passed through one of the redline zone (rock fall zone) and a small rockslide occurred right after I passed through (startled me). It was small rocks and wouldn't have been life threatening, but most likely would have caused a headache.

After the hike we were all hungry so we left Jordan pick where he wanted to eat. He chose Red Robin so we went and had gourmet burgers. I ate too many fries (they have great fries and it's all you can eat - so I try to eat all I can - have to get my money's worth). It was really a good meal. It's still hard to believe that in less than a week we will be taking Jordan down to college. I surely can't be old enough to have two children in college (or at least that age). I saw pictures of Eric and Natalie with their new little girl and it seems like forever since my children were that size (much easier and more manageable). Well, like Sherrie keeps reminding me, we are closer to grandchildren now (I hope my grandchildren like to hike). The house will seem much quieter without Jordan. He always has somebody over and they are playing the guitar, watching movies or playing video games. A couple of his friends are waiting for their mission calls (might be this Wednesday) and several are heading off to college. He is fortunate that he will be rooming with a couple of friends from Tooele High School. Is the summer really almost over? I guess the good portion where the kids are out of school and we can do things. I'm sure the heat will continue for a while more!

On the positive side, it will be nice to have a routine again. We will be getting Sherrie moved into her new classroom this week. I am excited for her. She will be teaching at a good school with a good principal. She'll be able to focus on education and not so much on behavior with her students. She'll also be starting on her fourth graduate class (that is hard to believe that she has already completed three classes - or five if you count her to BYU classes she took to get her certificate renewed).

Well, much lunch break is over and I'd better get back on the clock....

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Family Fifita said...

Timp Caves is fun--of course, I haven't been in years because I'm much too out of shape. Sigh. I need to get in shape so I'm not homebound (or dead) by the time I'm 40--which is only 3-1/2 years away. Ugh. Maybe I can be like Oprah and run a marathon on my 40th birthday. Ha!