Sunday, August 31, 2008

Holiday Weekend Excursion

We didn't make any big plans for the weekend because of Sherrie's eye and our complete exhaustion from lack of sleep. Friday night we went out to dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory off I-215 (it was a really good dinner). Saturday we decided to take Jordan's bike to him at SUU (an excuse to go see him - but he really did need his bike). We had planned originally to go on Monday, but with the impending bad weather and a lot of cabin fever we decided to go down on Saturday. We called Jordan to let him know of our change of plans. He was just heading off to go cliff jumping down by Hurricane, Utah (maybe we shouldn't have left him at SUU). He felt they would be back about the time we arrived so I proceeded to load up the bike, his Lacrosse gear, some posters, a jacket and the bike tools and supplies that I got him and we headed off. Jonathan and Sarah both decided against going (I can't understand why they wouldn't want to sit in the car for 7 hours). It was a nice drive down. We went the back route and tied into I-15 at Meadow. There wasn't much traffic and it was really nice weather. We made it down in 3 hours and 15 minutes (faster than the GPS said we would - have a GPS in the car is just like having someone challenge you to do something that they say you can't do). We arrived at Jordan's apartment about 15 minutes before he got home, so we introduced ourselves to Matt (his room mate) and moved his things into the apartment. Matt was watching a football game with a young lady so we decided to wait in the car (and make a quick trip to Walmart to get Sherrie a phone case). When we got back Jordan was riding some new kind of skateboard contraption (kind of like roller skates but with only two wheels under each foot - another way to break your neck). We went to dinner together at Applebys. The food and the service were really good. I had the all you can eat chicken fingers (and since (I hadn't eaten anything all day - I ate my money's worth). We looked for a Chinese Buffet, but found that Cedar City does not really have any good Chinese Restaurants (I guess college kids don't eat alot of chinese food). We had a really nice dinner with Jordan and then decided we needed to head back. It was after 7:00 and the GPS was telling me that I wouldn't get home until after 11:00. Because the storms were starting to blow in we decided to take the interstate all the way through SLC (so the GPS ended up being correct). We arrived home at about 11:15 pm (really tired). It was really nice to see Jordan. I was amazed at how clean his apartment and bedroom were. He said that he is me in his apartment. He is constantly cleaning off the countertops and washing the dishes. He had all his laundry done and put away. He even confessed that he mopped the floor with a rag on his hands and knees (wow - is the same child that we dropped off at SUU?). He had goals posted above his bed and in his bathroom. I am really impressed. He has been having a great time making friends and enjoying southern Utah. On Friday he went rock climbing and Saturday they went cliff jumping (into hopefully deep pools of water). I think there are definitely more outdoor recreational opportunities there than at BYU (we just hiked to the Y and up the Canyon). I was glad to see him so happy and enjoying school. He even went to Institute (get this) on his day he has no classes at 7:00 am (WOW WOW WOW). I have definitely been blessed with GREAT children.


Kimberly said...

WOW! I'm incredibly impressed too. Go Jordan!

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