Sunday, August 3, 2008

Yihaaa - Tooele County Fair

I made my annual pilgrimage to the Tooele County Fair (it's free). I have to admit that I could tell the fuel prices and general economy have taken their toll on even the country fair. There wasn't much there this year. We watched the 4-H animal auctions. It is fun to see these little kids wrestle that lamb out into the arena and then hold it there in show posture while the bidding takes place. Some of those kids were about half the size of their animals. We walked through the stock pens and you just tell that the pigs just wanted to go home. They would look up at you while they were laying there with this look in their eyes that communicated, “Are we there yet?” We thought we would try some fair food, but couldn’t find any. The trusty Waterless Cookware salesman was there “with financing”. So if you can’t afford your water bill, buy some cookware that doesn’t need water at only 6.8%. The highlight of the excursion was the petting pavilion. Jordan spent time taking artistic pictures of the horse’s nose. I admired the exotic chickens and Sherrie always loves the bunnies. I think Jonathan went just so we wouldn’t feel bad.

After an hour in the excessive heat (whine whine whine), we headed back home. Sherrie decided we needed some groceries and I decided we needed a functional closet in our bedroom, so we each embarked on our selected task. She finished before I did. I worked past my limit (my back tells me when to quit and I didn’t), so that we would be able to go to bed (I had to take all the clothes and other assorted items from the closet so that I could retrofit it). We ended up with a closet with a lot more space for hanging clothes. We now have four full-length rods and two short rods. I think it turned out nice, even if I say so myself. Now I just have to go through my clothes and get rid of all the out of style and sizes that will never fit me again clothes. I feel like it is taking me forever to get the project on this house completed. Sometimes I would compare it to walking through knee-deep mud trying to get a project completed. I guess I will move on to the laundry room next (I would like to have a month off work to get all my project done and then I could get rid of the anxiety associated with all the yet-top-be-completed house maintenance and livability activities.)

Jordan is counting down his last days at home. We take him to Cedar City two weeks from today. I hope he has a place to stay. I keep asking him if he has made arrangements to move into his apartment early (I called to find out if they could) – as of yesterday he hadn’t. They are going to miss him at US Magnesium. His boss told me he is worth his weight in gold (that would make him worth about $2.1 million). He has really been a good employee out there.

Well, I am being summoned for lunch so I had better report for duty. We have the Farnsworth kids coming in a few hours and we need to get things ready. So I am signing off until next time ........

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