Wednesday, July 9, 2008

After sitting at my desk for 6 hours now, I've decided I need to take a minute and redirect so that I can do another 3. Today is mail/email day for Jared so I have been impatiently waiting to receive his email. It's not that I worry about (although it is nice to have that confirmation that he is okay), but I like to hear what he is doing and see how he is feeling. He indicated that he might get a new comp this week. That is always difficult. I remember waiting for transfers hoping that I didn't get stuck with one of the "undesirables". Well, I did. I got Elder Leahny because the missions president felt I could get along with anybody - so much for being nice (I have decided that nice guys do finish last...) I hope that Jared doesn't get one of the reform projects.

Sherrie cut her hair yesterday. She called me at work to see what I thought about her cutting it short. I guess I started cutting my shorter so she wanted the same privilege. She says she was nervous about it, but it turned out really cute. She looks about 10 years younger. I told her I feel like I won the prize because I get a younger wife and she still has the same old graying husband (Sarah told me my hair isn't gray, it's silver - I don't know if that is better or worse). We had to go out and celebrate her new hair style, so we went to 7-11 and bought slurpees (well, Sherrie had the slurpee and I had the enormous diet soda). We try and celebrate anything we can in life so we have to keep the celebratory activities inexpensive.

I am thinking that I might try and tile the laundry room floor this weekend. I've really wanted to get it done (for about a year - I actually bought the tile over a year ago - and I have to keep moving it around the garage). I've had so many things going on I haven't been able to tackle the job. I find that tiling is good therapy for me. I don't know exactly why, but it makes me feel good. If I had my way, I would tile the whole house (it is cheaper and more durable than carpet). Along with tiling the laundry room I need to build the cabinets that will go on the wall over the washer/dryer. I bought the wood for them about the same time I bought that tile, but I think the kids may have used some of the wood for other projects (good hardwood wasted). If I can get the laundry room completed, the house will feel more finished to me. Well, I guess I have droned on enough about my mundane house fixup projects. In spite of my best intentions, I will probably end up at the Tooele nursery this weekend. When the weather is nice it is hard for me to stay away from the gardening centers. Although it is probably too hot to plant now. So maybe I will tile and then hit the nursery in a few weeks when it starts to cool down.

Speaking of gardens, I am just about ready to harvest my first zucchini squash (will I be so excited in a few weeks). We have a number of them coming on. My acorn squash plant is taking over the garden and I have to keep pulling it off the tomato plants, but I haven't seen any fruit on it yet. My tomato plants are starting to set fruit so maybe in a month I will start to see a harvest. I planted some seeds from Grandma Gibby's sweet cantaloupe that she bought in 2002 and they came up. We'll see if I get any fruit. I also have about 20 volunteer watermelon plants from a really good melon we had earlier this summer. They came up in the compost pile. I think I have too much growing in my little 5x5 garden. I guess I will have to take on another project this weekend and build a trellis for the squash plant to climb up. (I really need about 5 acres.)

Lunch time is over so I had better get back at it. I guess this blogging isn't all that bad. It allows me to brain dump without having to focus my writing on anybody in particular. So please accept my apologies if you made it all the way through this post and found that you had wasted a portion of your day. Hasta Luego.


gibbster55 said...

Ha, I have to laugh at your comment about "undesirables" ... I think niceness (or maybe it's just tolerance) is a Gibby family curse. I earned the nickname "Special Assignment Gibby" on my mission. Oh well, I guess there are worse things in life than being too nice. ;-)

Kimberly said...

I'm not seeing why I didn't serve a mission--I too have been given the title of "able to get along with anybody," and so I'm sure I would have gotten stuck with all the wack jobs if I went on a mission--and from what I hear, there are a lot more sister missionary wack jobs than elders. No offense, sisters... ;-)

If you need to fulfill an urge to garden, you can buy flowers for our little flower beds. Our landlord gave us a $75 budget, but we've been too busy/lazy to even do anything about it. I'm sure the HOA loves us.