Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Wii Be Fit

The latest craze in our family is the Wii Fit. Jordan sold his long board (a long skate board) to a friend and recycled the revenue into a Wii Fit. This is actually a remarkable fitness system. I worked out on it for 11 minutes and broke a sweat (when your fat you break a sweat after about 10 seconds). A guy Jordan works with has lost 40 pounds in a few months using his Wii Fit. Last night we even had a neighbor come over to check it out to see if he is going to buy one. The bad part of all this is that Jordan leaves for SUU in just about 3 weeks. So now we are going to have to buy a Wii and a Wii Fit so that we can carry on. It starts off by analyzing your body using age, weight and a few fitness moves. Of course, I was diagnosed as OBESE (no big surprises there), but surprisingly my fitness age was 35. It told me that I was in very good shape for my age (I love this system). I especially enjoy the yoga and downhill skiing games. I think that it has been running constantly since Jordan brought it home last night. This morning Jordan actually got up early for work so that he could work out on it before we leave at 5:30 am. I wish we'd had this during the school year to get him out of bed. Jonathan has been working out on it a good portion of the day. You earn new games/exercises for spending time working out. Sarah has earned almost all of the extra games! In a few months nobody will recognize us, we will all be sveldt (I think that is the word). One of the funny things it does is to modify your Mii (your Wii character) to fit your weight classification. So now I have this rolly polly Mii. I guess that is to further motivate you to work toward your weight goals (in reality it is probably just the Japanese game developers laughing at all the fat Americans buying their product. Well, I am motivated. I don't like having to look at a fat Mii on the big screen TV. Isn't technology great! We finally found a video game that Sherrie likes. She actually told me that because Jordan is leaving we need to get a system for us (Jonathan and Sarah) to use. In summary, what a great system, we now have quality family time in the family room watching each other work out on the Wii....

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