Wednesday, July 16, 2008

We did it - we went to the American Idols Concert in Salt Lake City. It was really a blast. While we were up in the nosebleed section (where you could barely make out the performers on the stage - that is really probably more of a problem with my eyesight), it was fun to be there. It was in the E Center and there were a lot of people in attendance. What made me feel more comfortable, is the fact that there were more middle-agers and families than I had anticipated. The music was good and the atmosphere was upbeat. We were able to make it out to our car and get out of the parking lot before the big traffic jam ensued, so we did make it home at a decent hour.

I've been trying to take advantage of the cultural opportunities of SLC (does this count at cultural? Well, I guess it is pop culture). We went to an NBA playoff game against the Lakers and will be attending the Celine Dion concert later this year. I used to be adverse to spending so much money on an event, but I've found that the memories are more than worth it. It isn't just about the music of the game, but it is about being with other people, en masse, at something that is uplifting and bonding. It is about creating memories with my wife so that when we are old and house ridden we have things to talk about (remember when ....). Sherrie loves American Idol and it was fun to take her to their concert.

I did learn that for events at the E Center, plan more time to get into the facility. We gave ourselves 30 minutes to get from Redwood Road over to the facility. We ended up darting (well, fast walking) into the E Center about 1 minute past the time the concert was supposed to start. Of course, there were still streams of cars and people trying to make their way in, so I assured Sherrie that they certainly wouldn't start with half their audience outside (Mormon standard time). We made it to our seats with 5 minutes to spare.

We were home late last night and I certainly felt it this morning. But it was worth it...

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