Monday, July 14, 2008

It's hard to believe that another weekend has come and gone. This feels like one of my busiest summers ever. We bought the Subaru on Friday. I spent Saturday morning cleaning it up and trying to get some of my yard work done. Our good friends, Lori and Rick with their children Jackson and Hillary came to visit on Saturday afternoon. The kids all went to a concert at Saltair and we went to dinner at the Mayan. It was very nice. We had good seats and were able to see three shows during the course of our dinner I had the fish tacos which were exceptionally good. For the longest time the concept of a fish taco didn't seem to fit. But it turned out to be a great way to mingle Central American and seafoods. We had to wait until about midnight for the kids to get back from the concert. I have really had too many late nights in the past few weeks.

We were able to sleep in on Sunday morning since we were going to a late sacrament meeting in Stansbury Park to hear Travis' mission president speak. Sherrie fixed a big breakfast for everyone and we were able to sit out on the patio and enjoy a beautiful morning with good food (crepes, eggs, bacon and fruit). Before going to church we had time to take a drive so we took the Subaru with Rick and Lori to the top of middle canyon. Unfortunately the air quality in SLC is so bad it was had to see anything on the east side of the pass. We then drove down to Ophir and up the canyon there. It is really nice this year because the landscape is still green into July.

The homecoming for President Rose was definitely the largest sacrament meeting I had ever been to. The chapel and cultural hall were completely filled. It was like being at stake conference (or a mission zone conference). Most of the congregation was composed of returned missionaries (with girls on the arm) - we know there was at least one sister who was there to see Travis (do I hear wedding bells.....). After the sacrament meeting, the Farnsworth's headed back to Idaho Falls.

Sunday evening we took a drive down to Saratoga Springs to show off our new (well new to us) Subaru and see my parents new (actually brand new) Subaru. It is nice being able to travel places without worrying so much about how much gas you're using. We had a nice visit and I was able to pull a few weeds (there were hardly any to be found). Sherrie and Mom compared quilts. It was a nice visit and relaxing after spending a couple of days with so many people in one house.

The kids are talking about going to Lagoon this weekend, so I guess it will be several weeks before I have a weekend off (maybe several years).

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