Thursday, July 31, 2008

Friday Is Almost Here

I thought I could sit out here on the patio and clear my head. It may take a while... It is a nice evening with a clear sky and almost no wind. I refilled the tiki torches so I have them burning. I just wish that I didn't have to get up in the morning. The whole time I'm sitting here I'm thinking that I need to go to bed so that I can get up before the sun again. I didn't get up on time this morning. I was awakened when Jordan knocked on my door at the time we are supposed to leave. We left about 3 minutes later. We were on time for work. It left me with a dull headache the rest of the day. (I guess that I sound whiny - but that is how I feel.) I need a long vacation (like several months).

We watched the elimination show for So You Think You Can Dance. I really didn't want to watch two of the final six get eliminated. They are all very accomplished dancers. Next week is the finale and then I will be released from mandatory TV for several weeks until the next episode of Survivor starts (I don't know, maybe I won't watch it this season. I don't really like having a show that I feel compelled to watch.)

After reading Jared's email and seeing his pictures yesterday, I am really grateful for the family that he is living with. The Hann's are so wonderful to take care of two teenage boys. I see the picture of Sister Hann with the silly string on her and I think of what a great sport she is. I am looking forward to meeting them when we travel to Alabama to meet Jared at the end of his mission. I hope the Lord pours lots of blessings out on them for taking on this assignment.

I worked out on the Wii again this evening. I lost 0.7 lb since yesterday. That was good because I had gained 5 lbs yesterday. My medication doesn't seem to be working as well as I have been retaining water. It is so difficult growing old - things start going on healthwise and the doctors can't seem to figure out what is happening. Jordan's friend overheard me talking about my water retention and said that the same things happens to his mother (it must be age). So tomorrow I am hoping that I will lose about 6 lbs. It really does make you want to work out. I just need to get it moved out of my family room and into the rec room in the basement. I surprised the kids and beat them all at the downhill slalom skiing game. I scored the fastest time with just over 27 seconds. The next fastest time is about 45 seconds. I also hold the top scores on several other Yoga activities. I think it is funny that the kids are surprised that I can do these activities. They must think that I am near death.

I hope there aren't too many typos in this blog. I am sitting here in the darkness typing on a laptop (not my forte). Sherrie is reading to me out of the Ensign (I guess that is the elementary school teacher practicing). It is supposed to be a hot one again tomorrow. I am really over the heat and ready for cooler weather. I did get the mirror on my car fixed (well, at least the mirror housing - the mirror itself is a special order item - stupid deer). I was pleased that I was able to repair it so that it is structurally sound and fully functional. It also saved me 80 dollars (yeah!!!!). Well, it is time to go to bed. I can't be late leaving in the morning because I need to put gas in the car. Jordan is counting down the days. He only has two more weeks before we take him down to SUU. I guess that is two more weeks until we have a cleaner house (when his room is overloaded he overflows into other parts of the house - lucky room mates). He is such a good kid, but not very focused on keeping his living spaces clean and organized. I guess it is time to put out the torches and swallow all the medicines that they tell me keep me alive (they can't tell me why I retain water) and sleep for a few hours before I have to tackle another long, hot day. Well, now I have whined enough to clear my head. It is quiet except for a few dogs barking and the occasional chirp of the Wii inside while Jordan does his exercises. I really love it when it is quiet and cool and dark. I feel like I could sit out here all night, but I'd better not....

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