Monday, July 21, 2008

Another weekend come and gone. I feel I accomplished as much as I set out to do which is good. Normally I have a long list of TO DO's and nothing gets done. Friday night Sherrie and I went out to dinner at Casa Del Rey. It was good, as usual. We then went to Home Depot and picked out a paint color for the kitchen. We had previously selected a color at Walmart, but when I painted a wall in the kitchen it was definitely too green (we were trying to a light brown, but not beige). We found a color called "chocolate" which resembles a light milk chocolate (how appropriate). I put a coat on the wall Friday night and after it dried we determined it was a go. Saturday I painted for a while and then took Jonathan to the pool while Sherrie took Jordan school clothes shopping. Sarah had been a Youth Conference (at Snow College) and arrived home just before we went to the pool. As I thought, she was too tired to go swimming so she stayed home and took a nap. Jonathan and I had a lot of fun at the pool, although I did get a little burned (I just finished recovering from my last burn at Lagoon). If only I could stand to put on sunblock lotion - I just don't like the feel of lotion on my skin. Oh well, this wasn't a bad burn (like the last one) and it should heal up quickly. After swimming we came back to the house and I proceeded to paint. It was a lot of high ladder work (which I don't like). Paint a little and then move the latter (up and down). I did get all the high walls painted (first coat). Sherrie came home and gave it that "I'm not sure about the color" look. I certainly didn't want to have to paint it a different color again! By Sunday morning it had dried and looked like the color she wanted. Now I just have to do it all over again and put on the second coat. It does give the kitchen a newer look. With the kitchen unusable (everything moved away from the walls, we elected to go out for dinner after church (ox in the ditch). We went to Olive Garden for soup and salad which was nice. We then went to visit Grandma Gibby. She was looking very good. We had a really nice visit although I noticed she had a little more difficulty with her hearing. She brought out her 1931 yearbook to show Jordan her brother John's cartoons. I think Jordan was impressed. It was fun to look at the pictures in the yearbook. I had never seen a picture of Grandma that young before. We also saw a picture of John. Since it was the yearbook from her Sophomore year we didn't see Grandpa's brother Everett. She said he was a year behind her in school. She said that her nurse had been to visit her and told her that her heart was doing better (she sounded disappointed). She walked around the house quite a bit and showed us the drawing of the Salt Lake Temple in the bedroom and the flower that is blooming in the living room. She was happy with the flowers that had been planted in the yard and was somewhat concerned about the burned spots in the lawn. We had a really nice visit. I think Jordan, Sarah and Jonathan are surprised at how much she does given her age. We came home and sat out on the back patio well past bedtime because it was so nice outside. I really enjoy sitting out on my patio looking at the flowers and watching the birds. My Wisteria are starting to grow well and I am hoping they will cover the arbor by the end of the summer. The Clematis that we planted with the Wisteria are also starting to grow and are even putting out flower buds now. I guess they have finally adapted to the hot summer days and have enough roots situated to let them grow. I have another Echinecia that has bloomed and it is a lighter pink color. My Crocosmia has finally put out buds and should bloom soon. I bought a couple more Azaleas and planted them. They are supposed to have a double blossom. So far the azaleas and rhodys that I put in have done well. They are in a garden location that gets partial sun and stays fairly damp. I will see how they do this winter (they are close to the house so I am hoping that will make it). My squash, tomatoes and watermelon are all growing on top of each other. So much for trying to plant all those viney plants in a 5x5 plot. Jonathan looked at it and said, "Maybe we can grow corn next year." Well, I just picked my 6th zucchini so I guess the small space isn't stopping them altogether. Well, I guess that I have rambled on just about enough. This is a short week with Thursday off. I think we are going to Lagoon (more sun burn). The summer really is going by much too fast.

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Kimberly said...

I need to go visit Grandma; it's been way too long. Thankfully Sione and Viliami have stopped by a few times because Uha's clinic is by Grandma's house.

You get more done in a week(end) than I do in six months. Sigh. I wish I wasn't so lazy!

Um, beware of all the sunburns! Don't get skin cancer. Have you tried the aerosal sunscreens? They just spray a mist of lotion, so it doesn't feel too bad. I'd recommend giving it a try.