Saturday, July 12, 2008

Well, I knew that I couldn't take the torture of looking for a new car for long. I bought on yesterday morning and picked it up yesterday afternoon. There was that send of exhilaration knowing that I had succeeded in hunting for and capture a vehicle. And then as I was driving it home I experienced that tinge of buyers remorse, which fortunately didn't last too long because I was so relieved that I was done car shopping and hopefully wouldn't have to engage in that dreaded activity was several more years.

Today I spent a couple of hours detailing it. I've had my other cars for years and haven't ever felt the need to detail them. I'm sure if they had feelings they would feel slighted that the newest member of our auto family was receiving so much attention. I think that it is just because it is a cuter car. We bought a Subaru Impreza Sport Outback (I can't remember if it has anymore names). It's like the little AWD vehicle that really wanted to be a roadster sports car. It has this cute little air intake on the hood (which Jonathan stated looked "ghetto" - which I don't know if that is good or bad). We drove it into SLC for dinner tonight. I was nice to now hear that imagined sucking sound that is there every time I drive the Suburban or Explorer. I ran so nice into SLC and I felt sporty and with it. Maybe my frump in life is really attributable to my cars. I've been driving dumpy SUVs for years and that is why I feel like a large lumbering mass that consumes way more fuel that is needed. With this new car I even feel like hitting the gym. I think Subaru drivers are the kind of people that go to the gym. I like the car so much I may have to get one for me since this one is Sherrie's.

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Kimberly said...

Subaru drivers are the kind of people who go to a gym--I love it! LOL. I guess I need to get a Subaru then--because nothing else seems to be getting me to the gym! (Although, when I had a Subaru--which I loved too--I don't think I went to the gym then either.)