Saturday, July 26, 2008

Lagoon Day Two - July 25, 2008

Well, I survived a second consecutive day at Lagoon. Today I actually only had to survive from 5:00 on (when it was much cooler). The kids went out earlier in the day so they could have more time to ride the rides. Sherrie and I went to watch the shows but I convinced her to ride some rides. I prefer the rollercoaster rides. I think it is because when I was much younger I was so afraid of roller coasters. The first time I remember going to Lagoon as a child I remember sitting on the steps of the White Rollercoaster while everyone else went on it. I had fun tonight. We rode the White Rollercoaster, the Fire Dragon twice and the Wicked. We slowed it down a little and rode the Ski Lift and the Ferris Wheel. Sherrie is a good wife because she will go with me on the rides even though she doesn't necessarily like them (Fire Dragon). The kids are all trying to get me to ride the Samurai. I decided that next time we go I will take some dramamine and give it a try. I just worry about getting on the ride and getting really sick.

We had a good time tonight. Jordan was too tired to go with us so he opted to go swimming with his friends. I guess he was so tired that he is still out with his friends at 1:00 in the morning. It really is amazing how quickly the young adult body recuperates. I guess that I should get to bed.

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