Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pioneer Day Celebration

In looking for a way to commemorate Pioneer Day and remember the toils and sufferings of our pioneer ancestors we decided to go to Lagoon (don't ask what the logic was because there wasn't any - it just sounded fun and I had a day off work). We arrived nice and early - forgetting that it was mid-week we were there about 15 minutes before the rides opened so that gave us time to actually take a group photo (you don't see me because I am on the other side of the camera lens). It this blog seems incongruent at times it is because my neighborhood sounds like it is blowing up right now. Again, I don't know what fireworks have to do with Pioneer Day (let's burn down the state that we just spent countless months and miles journeying to). I don't like loud noises or fireworks (in the hands of amateurs). Anyway I digress. Britney accompanied us to Lagoon. Since there were only five we were able to take the new fuel efficient Subaru (I'm not sure the three in the back were as excited as I was, but then they weren't paying for the gas). What can I say about Lagoon? IT WAS HOT! We rode the Wicked and the White Rollercoaster before heading to the water park. Even in the water it was hard to feel comfortable. I guess if I wasn't so severely overweight it wouldn't have felt so miserably hot, did I say HOT. We did have fun going down the water slides and floating in the lazy river. We floated so long, my leg went to sleep which has never happened before (on the lazy river). Jonathan had his braces tightened yesterday so he wasn't feeling up to par. He and I decided to hit the rides and leave the girls to sleep in the water park. We rode the Flying Aces and then took the ski lift to the other end of the park to ride the Colossas. After those three rides and the heat I was done for (these stupid fireworks are going to put me into cardiac arrest - is there a state where not rednecks live and they don't have any fireworks?). Everybody decided that it was time to head home. I would have liked to have stayed and watched a couple of the shows, but it was just TOO HOT. I guess in a sense we experienced what the pioneers experienced for a short period of time. We were hot, uncomfortable, drenched, then parched, tired, sore feet, cranky and anxious to arrive at our home. Maybe this was a more appropriate pioneer remembrance activity that I had first imagined. The air-conditioned car sure felt good (if there are typos it is because there are bombs going off next door). We arrived at home earlier than planned and everybody took a nap.

I am proud of my pioneer heritage. These were people who were committed to their beliefs and willing to take the necessary actions to pursue their dreams and ambitions. They have a great heritage full of many wonderful and accomplished descendents. It also means that I carry some of that genetic coding for success (I hope - I keep waiting for it to manifest itself). Sherrie and I both have pioneer ancestors so our children carrying that in them also. I think it is great that this state holiday has been preserved and is recognized and celebrated (I just wish they would do away with the fireworks).

I am really tired right now so I should head off to bed. Not that I will be able to sleep with all the firework noise!!!!


Kimberly said...

It's been so long since I've been to Lagoon, it was fun to see some pics of the old rides. (The Terroride--love it! Didn't it used to be called something else?)

I can't believe you don't like fireworks! I actually LOVE the noise of fireworks. Somewhere down the street from us, someone was letting off a ton of fireworks so 'Ami and I just sat out on the front porch and listened. That was the extent of our Pioneer Day celebrating--I didn't get the day off. That's my only complaint about my job--only two weeks paid time off (including sick and vacation) and no Pioneer Day, New Year's Eve, or Martin Luther King Day.

David Gibby said...

Wow, that's not much time off. I have 10 paid holidays and 4 weeks of vacation. We do get Pioneer Day (don't know why since the owner is Jewish living in NYC), but we don't get Christmas or New Year's Eve or MLK (does any non-public entity get MLK?) I don't know how much sick leave so I don't use any.... The older your children get, the more vacation time you need, not for R&R, but just to take care of and attend all the things they have going.

Jared said...

you think it's hot in UTAH. try Alabama 100% humidity, maybe then i'll feel some sympathy for ya. haha. I love you dad.