Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ruby's New Friend

We were excited to have Britney come up from BYU to spend the weekend. Ruby was so excited he immediately took up residence in her lap for the duration of So You Think You Can Dance (poor Britney is allergic to cats - she was good sport). No matter how we tried to coax him he wasn't leaving. I'm grateful that Britney's parents let us borrow her for some of the weekends. It makes us feel that Jared isn't so far away. She is really delightful to have around the house.

Today is Wednesday (aka P-Day) so we got to read the emails from Jared. He is doing really well and loves Cullman. He was a little disappointed that they didn't get to confirm the Matt Southworth because he had to go out of town on a family emergency. But they are planning it for this coming Sunday. He likes his companion and the family that he lives with. Today was temple day so he was also excited that they got to go to Birmingham to the temple. Jared told Britney that Wednesday is like Christmas. He gets up early because he gets to open and read his mail and packages. He really must be an obedient elder to not open mail (especially from Britney) before the designated day. We are really proud of him. He has completed just about 3 months already (my how time flies). That translates to about 12 percent (not that I'm counting).

It is a cool evening and I'm sitting out on the patio with Jonathan enjoying the sunset. It would be perfect except for our screaming neighbors. They moved in about 6 months ago and can't say anything in a normal tone of voice. It has to all be said with screams and profanity. I guess I should just consider that it adds color and diversity to the neighborhood (they still haven't fixed their roof damage so maybe they will lose the house - I should be slapped for thinking evil thoughts like that). It really is a nice evening and even better because tomorrow is a holiday (yeah!!!).

Tonight we experienced something for the first time, Ruby caught his tail on fire. He jumped up on the table and swished his tail across a candle. Britney looked over and saw smoke coming from his tail. She was quick to the rescue and snuffed it out. There wasn't much noticeable damage except for the smell of burnt fur. Maybe Ruby will now stay off the table.

Jordan stayed and worked late tonight because somebody in the warehouse called off work. They called a taxicab to bring him home. Now that's royal treatment. I've never had a taxi take me home from work. I'm sure that the over 90 mile fare wasn't cheap. He's become a valuable member of the warehouse team. I'm sure they are going to miss him when he leaves for school in a month (I'm not sure he will miss the warehouse - may the money). It has been nice riding to work with him everyday. It gives a chance to just talk and shoot the breeze. It's also given him time to improve his Rubik's Cube skills.

I mowed the lawn in the hottest part of the afternoon, so I am really tired tonight. I guess that I should sign off and get ready for bed. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day going to Lagoon (if I can score a chair by the pool, I think I will take a nap).


Kimberly said...

Sounds like a wonderful evening; I love typing on my laptop on the front porch. Yea wireless! :-) That's hilarious about Ruby--though I'm glad his tail got put out quickly! Church sure likes to sleep, but he doesn't do it in my lap anymore--makes me kind of sad! When he was a kitten, he always napped in my lap. I guess the Siamese in him is stronger than the Himalayan. Now that we only have one pet, maybe I need to get another, Sione would kill me!

David Gibby said...

Ruby went through his independent stage where he didn't want to sleep on anybody's lap (he has always slept in bed with somebody). Now that Mitzi is gone and he is a middle-aged cat, he looks for every opportunity to cozy up to someone. Every morning he is up and waiting for me to pet him before I go to work. If anybody is sitting or laying on the couch watching the television they can expect Ruby to show up and position himself on them to take a nap. So just hold out a little longer and he will become more affectionate. Like you, I like animals and Sherrie tolerates them. I would like to have a bird, but it isn't going to happen....